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 First Impressions, Kelor + Kai
Kelor Rokoth
 Posted: Jan 1 2016, 02:57 AM
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Gallifrey Guard

❝ Come run away with me brother, let's find an adventure.❞
"I've heard that this place is actually more interesting than it sounds." Kelor commented, leaning on the TARDIS console and looking toward his brother with a bit of a smile to his face. A pale and blonde young man in his twenties he had quite a bit of energy. Enough so that he'd dragged his brother along to see the universe. Planets and species they'd never have been able to see back on Gallifrey. He'd heard from an old friend that while ignorant to the outside world, the people of earth were… intriguing. It may have been their ignorance that made them so interesting though. It was like taking an adventure into a nearly untouched wilderness. At least by most alien races, as far as the general population were aware. A world where things like Kelor and Kai were works of fiction and conspiracies. He wanted to see the place back before they figured out the universe around them…

And who better than his little brother to experience it with him? He looked to the other young man, smiling widely as he threw the TARDIS into park. He hurried for the door at that though. He heard it felt and smelled different too, and he wanted to smell it for himself. He threw the door open, peeking his head out for a second. It wasn't quite… beautiful. Not like he'd been told. Finding themselves in a downtown back alley. Concrete walls towered above them, Kelor looking up to the sky for a moment, a frown on his face. And it smelled..not the good kind of smell, a quite disgusting scent met his face. It was a dark alley. Even a couple of trash bins and what lighting there was came from down the alley on the street and hardly reached where they were.

"Looks like Cyprian gave me the wrong coordinates." He muttered, looking to Kai with a disappointed frown. He'd hoped to come into a forested area, or a nice normal populated area like he'd heard of. But here… "We might have to go find ourselves some of that Earth charm they mention cause… concrete and rubbish aren't quite what I had in mind." He commented. He'd at least found some appropriate clothes for the planet, but it didn't seem like anyone was going to see them now. He looked back outside as he caught a glimpse of figures running past them. He looked out quickly and down the alley, squinting a bit in the low light, but at least they had better eyesight than humans. "Get involved…?" He started to ask when the female being chased let out a shrieking scream. Kelor, while knowing they weren't here as crime fighters, couldn't help himself. But he grabbed Kai by the arm to pull him out the door but hurried after the two figures.

Approaching at just the right time to see and hear very clearly the gunshot and the woman fall to the ground. Dead no doubt. He stared wide eyed in shock at the sight. He had expected a fight, not a gunshot… "What's your problem? What was that for?" He called out loudly, stepping closer to Kai protectively.

The man with the gun looked up, staring at them. "Who the hell are you? Mind your own business!" He snapped, but a realization came to his eyes. These two had seen the murder. They'd seen his face, heard his voice… wherever they came from their existence was a danger. He raised the gun again. "You can't have seen this. I can't get caught." He said quickly, but his hand had a bit of a shake. He pointed it toward Kai first, a determined look on his face but fear behind it.

"Don't!" Kelor called out, but the man didn't listen. He went to pull the trigger, and in that second Kelor leapt in front of his brother. He couldn't lose his brother. He couldn't see him hurt. He couldn't stand around for him to get shot and he couldn't be fast enough to get over toward the other man. But in that moment as he leapt in front of Kai everything felt so slow. The look on his brother's face, the desperation of the human. He felt the bullet hit his chest with much more force and pain than he expected from any human weapon. He set his hand to the wound in his chest, looking up to his brother with sadness. He knew that regeneration wasn't a promise. There was a chance it wouldn't work. Especially with a hit like that. He dropped to his knees with a bit of a cough, but he didn't immediately die as the man expected. He stayed on his knees for a moment, hoping to stall long enough for Kai to find the staser gun that Kelor has insisted they still bring and keep hidden. They needed protection.

After Kai had the chance Kelor just couldn't stay up any longer. He couldn't do it… he fell over despite his desperate attempts for his brother.

OOC Tag for Kai.
Sad little introduction to Earth, it should get better for them eventually. He will be regenerating.
Cyprian is a Time Lord friend who is still on Gallifrey. He told them to come visit Earth.
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