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 The Plot
 Posted: Jul 18 2015, 08:39 AM
Caly and John★ Offline

Dear Amy's-poor-excuse-for-a-replacement diary,
So, you'd think that with the self-appointed King of Crime having shot himself on the roof of St Bart's, that the crime rate in London would plummet. You'd think that the town would finally be that much more safer, without anyone having to worry whether or not they're going to be kidnapped or killed, just because a certain someone became a little bored and wanted some excitement in their life (come to think of it, kinda reminds me of that detective with the funny hat...).

Apparently not. The crime-rate is slowly and steadily climbing, and a string of murders has Scotland Yard wondering if someone else hadn't taken up the mantle and decided to become the new Moriarty. And who can forget that god-awful display of his face yammering 'did you miss me?' all over London for hours and hours! Clearly someone wants Moriarty's throne.

The Doctor, meanwhile, is gallivanting around the universe, saving the universe from impeding doom (again). All alone, although we must have told him a million times never to do that. He gets so dark and melancholy all on his lonesome. Hope he visits soon. What I wouldn't give for a running-filled adventure somewhere far away from this mess of a city! God I hope he hasn't found a new companion...

Amy x
♔ nickdiazfan

A Study In Blue Boxes is a Doctor Who/BBC Sherlock crossover rp set after the end of season 3. Though Moriarty is dead, his sister is picking up the pieces of his crime empire and putting Scotland Yard through their paces, all while making plans to destroy Sherlock Holmes once and for all. Meanwhile, The Doctor continues to go on his travels with his beloved blue box, unaware of the chaos going on in London, and that his two best friends have divorced and are no longer speaking to each other. Still, life goes on.

As A Study In Blue Boxes is the sister site of The Adventure Of The Blue Box (run by the same people; just switched hosts and edited the plot a smidge), some canon from the old site might be used. Due to the fact that our Doctor Who plotline is set prior to Asylum of the Daleks in season seven, we are not currently accepting a Clara Oswald. We apologize in advance for all inconvenience.
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