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 The Rules
 Posted: Jul 13 2015, 06:10 AM
Caly and John★ Offline

City Laws

    When you register, please register with your character's first and last name in proper capitalization (e.g. Amy Pond). Please don't add a middle name, because we'd like to keep things uniform. Do not create a character related to someone in any way (sibling, partner, child, etc) without asking that person first. Accounts can be shared, but just let the staff know.

    At this stage, we are allowing players a maximum of six characters. That being said, please make sure you don't take on more characters than you can handle. If your characters start going inactive (no posts in a month, plus no log-ins or explanations), they will be taken from you and put up for adoption without notification. Characters that have posted an app and been accepted but have not written an IC post after two weeks of joining will be considered inactive and subsequently deleted.
    We are presently a literate forum, thus we are asking for a minimum 200 word count for your post, but please keep in mind that it is to your own benefit to write decent sized posts. No one likes to write a six or eight paragraph post, and get a one paragraph response. So please try to make your posts detailed, but at the same time don't go on for pages or pages, unless you are rping with someone who can rp at that same level as you, and you guys have discussed that to make sure that it's okay. Also, translation is your friend! If you're going to post in a language other than English, please post a translation note underneath.
    If you are going to be absent for a period of longer than a week, please let a staff member know so your character/s will be safe. Also, if we run activity checks, we are asking that you please answer the checks. If you do not respond, the staff reserves the right to delete your character or put your canon back up for grabs.
    As can be expected, the staff would love it if you had decent quality graphics. If you're not very good with graphics, you can request something either here, or through a graphics resource forum. As for signatures, we will be pretty lax, as long as your graphics don't stretch the forum. Please keep the animated graphics to a minimum, however.
    We don't have a rating here for the site. If you have a thread that you know is going to be more mature, make sure to rate it M in the topic title. Foreplay is fine but please 'fade to black' with the actual act.
Yo! listen up, these rules were made by OMG LUFF of caution v 2.0.
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